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Yeoman Haylage Prize in Collaboration with Hickstead 

John Pomfret from Exmoor taking delivery of his prize

John, Liz & Nick - the Yeoman Partnership at Yeoman Haylage are proud to supply their top quality ryegrass haylage for show-jumpers at the world famous 'All England Jumping Course' at Hickstead in West Sussex as part of a commercial agreement between the two organisations. They are also delighted that Yeoman Haylage is part of a sponsorship package in collaboration with Hickstead for the many prize draws that Hickstead run for their members and followers each year.

20 bales of top quality haylage were recently delivered to one lucky entrant out of over 300 entries to win a pallet of haylage supplied by Yeoman Haylage.

Here is the happy winner of a pallet of haylage - John Pomfret who lives on the fringes of Exmoor in the South West taking delivery of the haylage he won. His 17.1hh horse is going to be happy tucking in to this for sure.

Comments Liz “We are delighted to be supplying Hickstead with our 30kg ryegrass haylage bales. I have watched the Hickstead Derby since I was a child in complete awe. I now have the pleasure of speaking to the most friendly team, and to know our haylage bales are being enjoyed by Hickstead competition horses fills me with an enormous sense of pride". 

Sponsorship and Marketing Manager for Hickstead, Simon Gaskin said “With just over 4,500 horses competing at Hickstead in any one season, it’s important we source a high quality palatable haylage, Yeoman Haylage fits the bill, and has proved a popular addition, all wrapped up in a competitively priced 30 kg bale”.

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