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What is Haylage?

Haylage is a type of forage that goes through a similar process to hay. The grass for haylage is baled sooner than hay to allow it less drying time. This ensures there is enough moisture in the bale to suppress dust particles. Haylage bales are wrapped straight after baling to seal in the nutrients and to allow natural fermentation of the bales to take place which preserves the haylage. The result is a clean, sweet smelling bale which horses find hard to resist. Haylage must be kept in multiple layers of sealed bale wrap to avoid mould forming in the bale.

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Why choose Yeoman Haylage

We are specialist producers of haylage made from carefully selected grasses grown on the rolling Devon hills. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and the level of customer service we offer. We work closely with our agronomist who advises us on all of our field management from soil to grass and we also now use precision farming allowing us to run a more productive, efficient and sustainable farm.

Natural high fibre feed
Easy to feed sections
Excellent value for money
Dust Free
Free from additives and preservatives
Every bale guaranteed
Environmentally aware
Excellent customer service

Latest News

Martin and Philippa of the recycled racehorse falconry team ride their horses along a farm track.
"Yeoman’s ryegrass haylage is just the best we’ve ever come across. The quality and consistency is outstanding, keeping a team of 8 horses in hard work in outstanding condition.The service from Yeoman’s is outstanding and they are just the loveliest team of people to work with. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough."
Martin and Philippa at The Recycled Racehorse Falconry Team

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