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Our Products

Close up image of meadow mix haylage product
Meadow Mix
Naturally high in fibre
Medium to high energy
Available in small 30kg
(approx) bales
Entices the fussiest of eaters
Suitable for horses in light to
medium work
Close up image of ryegrass haylage product
Naturally high in fibre
Medium to high energy
Available in small 30kg (approx)
bales, 4-foot bales and 6-foot bales
Appetising smell to entice the fussiest of eaters
Suitable for horses in heavier work
Close up image of timothy haylage product
Naturally high in fibre
Lower in sugar
Available in small 30kg
(approx) bales
Sweet smelling which entices
the fussiest of eaters
Suitable for horses in lighter work
and horses/ponies prone to laminitis.


We are honoured to supply some of the country’s top horses and therefore every batch of haylage is analysed. Analysis will vary as the crops are harvested during changeable conditions ie moisture levels, temperature, humidity etc. However, as we sow our own grass leys we can expect a uniformed crop. This enables us to expect similar results as per available analyses. For this reason, we do not display our analysis charts here, but we can offer specific analysis on request.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the haylage bales be stored outside?

Yes they can. The bales have multiple layers of wrap enabling them to be stored in the bright sunshine and pouring rain.

There is a white patch in the haylage bale. Is it yeast or mould?

If it appears powdery and brushes off the bale easily it is yeast produced from the fermentation period. It is harmless. Brush it off and continue feeding the haylage to your horse. If it appears damp and sticky it is mould. Please do NOT feed the haylage to your horse. We will replace the bale for you.

Do you offer wrapped hay bales so we can keep our storage place tidy?

Yes we can add a layer of wrap to order for an extra small charge. Let us know that you would like us to do that when you place your order.

My vet has advised I feed haylage to my horse but I don’t what it is or how to feed it. What shall I do?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are a friendly, knowledgeable team who are always really happy to offer advice and suggestions.

Do you deliver directly?

We do like to support our stockists and encourage customers to go to their local stockist but if you don’t have one nearby or would like to place a large order we are very happy to deliver directly.

Do you deliver all over the UK?

We currently deliver to the South West, South East, South Wales, North Wales and West Midlands.

What do I do if I have a damaged bale?

We don’t open the bales once they are wrapped straight from baling so we can’t see what is going on inside. It is a live product and mould can occasionally occur. We guarantee every bale so if there is anything not right with the bale contact us and we can organise a replacement bale for you.

How long will a bale last once opened?

Once air gets into the bale it will need to be used within 3-4 days before it goes off.

Jockey riding horse reaches to pick  item from bucket as they ride.
I feed Yeoman Haylage all year around to my Mounted Games Ponies and this is key to keeping them in tip top condition. I often notice a huge difference feeding the Haylage to any new ponies that I have. The quality is fabulous and it smells divine! I can't thank everyone enough at Yeoman for providing my ponies with the best Haylage in the country they are very lucky.
Jesse Adlam

Interested in buying haylage?

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