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Irish Eventing Champion hoping for the Tokyo call

Man carrying Yeoman Haylage on his shoulder gives the thumbs up sign.

Fred Scala from the Irish eventing team, preparing for hopeful Olympic selection following the teams’ victorious runner up placing in the 2019 Eventing Nations Cup in Camphire, Ireland this August riding his 10 year old 4* gelding Corriebeg Vivendi, took the runner up prize in the BE100 section at Pontispool on Sunday 22nd September on another Corriebeg horse from his yard, riding the 6 year old gelding Corriebeg Clicquot into second place on his first outing.

Fred stopped by the stand with his wife Naomi who had also gained a placing in the BE100 Open class at Pontispool today and explained how they get great enjoyment from training their horses to the top level.  They are clearly doing just that.  Last seen heading off to Cornwall with a bale of Yeoman Haylage!

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