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Hickstead’s Top Showjumpers tuck into Yeoman Haylage

We think this might just be what is called the seal of approval!

We are so proud to be supplying the World-famous The All England Jumping Course, Hickstead with our haylage for the Al Shira'aa Jumping Championships 2021. Known as the home of British Showjumping, we grew up watching Hickstead and have memories of oohing and ahhing in awe everytime a horse and rider went down the famous Derby Bank.

We aim to produce nothing less than a top-quality product and deliver top quality service and to have that recognised by such a prestigious venue is simply incredible.

You may like to click on the link here to read about a former Yeoman Haylage fuelled showjumping hero called Loughnatousa WB who won the famous Hickstead Derby twice. First in 2012 with Paul Beecher on board then again in 2015 with Trevor Breen in the saddle.

Large red lorry loaded with multiple bales of Haylage products
Large red lorry loaded with multiple bales of Haylage products
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