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Diane and All The Kings Horses


Yeoman Haylage is delighted to announce a new partnership supporting the Para Dressage journey of the British Equestrian Trade Organisation’s (BETA) Chief Medical Officer Dr Diane Fisher from Cheshire. 

Dr Diane, a Major Trauma & Emergency Medicine Consultant for the NHS and also a TV medic on Channel 5’s ‘Critical Condition’ programme, is well-known for her work making equestrian sports safer. The founder behind the successful social media pages‘ All the Kings Horses’, Diane regularly shares life-saving tips of what to do and not to do when the unexpected things happen and she shares behind the scenes glimpses into her juggle between a busy NHS job, the highs and low of training and competing her dressage horses. Her following on social media is huge as you will find out if you connect with her through her Facebook or Instagram accounts.

Diane says “I’ve fed Yeoman Haylage for a long time, so it was an absolute no brainer to work with them.The horses love the haylage, I love the consistency and quality in every bale. Without doubt my horses are the most important thing in my life and so they genuinely get the best of everything so it’s an obvious choice.

“I love the fact that you can chat to the team, and they fully understand the fine balance between rideability and having the horses at their very best. I can switch between blends as necessary as they have three products, Ryegrass, Timothy and Meadow Mix, so it’s a completely flexible way to feed.

"Having others believe in me and the horses is the best feeling in the world and practically means I can really concentrate on getting maximum time in the saddle.

"I thought my time riding horses was over after falling off a wall in 2004 and after multiple major joint operations including a transplant but nothing could be further from the truth and I graded, qualified and rode at the Winter National Dressage Championships at Myerscough near Preston in Lancashire just three months from qualification as an accepted para rider and fingers crossed now as I’m entered for the Home Internationals at Bishops Burton in Yorkshire this coming May.  

"I couldn’t do any of this without the support of others and I’m honoured to add Yeoman Haylage officially to my team".

Liz, Nick, John and the team at Yeoman Haylage, wish Diane all the very best and look forward to tracking her progress. 

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