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Yeoman Haylage On The Menu For The Show-Jumpers At Hickstead!

Show jumping horse in flight over a white picket fence.

Yeoman Haylage are delighted to be selling their pure ryegrass haylage to Falcon Equine Feeds from West Chiltingdon, Pulborough in West Sussex who supply the All England Show-Jumping Course at Hickstead with their horse feed. New for 2020, Yeoman Haylage can be bought by competitors and visitors to Hickstead. This is something Yeoman Haylage are proud of especially when past Hickstead Derby winners were fed on it. One such Derby winner who was fuelled by the pure ryegrass top quality product that Yeoman Haylage have developed something of a reputation for was Loughnatousa WB who won the famous Hickstead Derby, not once, but twice!

Front cover of Horse and Hound magazine, July 2015.

Trained by Bernice Cuthbert from Oxfordshire and owned by Patricia Brown, this former showjumping hero, Loughnatousa WB, who is sadly no longer alive and who stood at an imposing 17.1hh, not only did he win the coveted 2015 Hickstead Derby with Irish rider Trevor Breen in the saddle, he notched up a Derby double in 2013 with Paul Beecher on board.

Loughnatousa WB was described as being the ultimate ‘powerhouse’ by racehorse trainer, show hunter judge and former showjumping trainer Bryan Smart who said he was all muscle and full of power through his hindquarters. “To have won two Hickstead Derbys with different jockeys, shows he was built for the job” said Bryan.

Amongst other important victories, Loughnatousa WB was equal first in the ‘Puissance’ at the Horse of the Year Show in 2012, jumping the world famous wall at a height over which neither he nor his rider could see over.

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