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Kelsie and Veno Star take the Pony Racing Point to Point circuit by storm

Two horses in full stride race to the finish.

Fourteen year old Kelsie Beilby from West Somerset is taking the pony point to point racing circuit by storm. With five seasons under her belt, 2018 is her most successful with nine wins on her 12 year old mare Veno Star at Great Trethew, Larkhill, Hereford, Cothelstone, Flete Park, Edgecott, Chaddesley Corbett, Bratton Down and Upcott Cross. This impressive duo are expected to finish the season as the highest placed pony and rider. Little wonder Kelsie does so well, she and her Dad George train ponies and point to pointers at their home near Taunton so they have plenty of experience.

Kelsie’s Dad George says “We buy Yeoman Haylage direct from John, he usually delivers it to us. This is the fourth year that we’ve been using it and I think this years is the best we’ve had. The two main varieties suit the horses undertaking either conditioning or intensive work. Its consistent good quality makes it really popular with the horses and has helped to achieve some excellent results.”

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