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It’s official! Yeoman Haylage are Regional Finalists in the Countryside Alliance’s Rural Oscars!

Countryside alliance awards advert

………………And there’s great excitement at Yeoman Haylage HQ!

The next step is for John, Liz and Nick to submit a questionnaire with a lot more information by 24th February then the Judges will visit Thongsleigh Farm this spring to meet the team for themselves and find out what makes Yeoman Haylage worthy of being crowned the Champions of the Rural Enterprise category in the South West. Winners of the Regional Finals are to be announced this coming May and will be invited to an Awards Ceremony and Reception on 10th June at the Houses of Parliament in London at the National Final where they will compete against fellow category winners from other areas of the UK.

Judges are looking for the following:

Is this business a growing asset to its community and making a real contribution?

Is this a diverse and energetic business?

Is more going on at this business than the core activities?

Does this business enhance the local area?

Is there a commitment to the future of the countryside, to jobs and to the local economy?

Is there a commitment to educating the next generation?

Would winning this award be a well deserved boost and help the business to develop further for the good of the community and the local economy?

You can read what the Countryside Alliance have to say by clicking this link below. You will find Yeoman Haylage by clicking on the South West region under the Rural Enterprise heading:…/regional-finalists-2… #buylocal #vibrantruraleconomies

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